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    • Louyang and Ayothaya Update NEW MAPS: umbala um_dun01 um_dun02 um_fild01 um_fild02 um_fild03 um_fild04 um_in niflheim niflheim nif_fild01 nif_fild02 nif_in yggdrasil01 louyang lou_in01 lou_in02 lou_dun01 lou_dun02 lou_dun03 lou_fild01 jawaii ayothaya ayo_in01 ayo_in02 ayo_fild01 ayo_fild02 ayo_dun01 ayo_dun02 Patch Notes as of February 12, 2021   General Changelogs: EXP Rate is now 10x/10x. Drop Rate is now 8x/8x/1x. Item Changelogs: Added 2 New Blueprints. Lady Tanee - C Lady Tanee Doll Blueprint Bacsojin - C Rabbit Winged Robe Blueprint NPC Changelogs: Added 2 New Costumes on Special Shop.  C Lady Tanee Doll  C Rabbit Winged Robe Added 1 new item on Restpoint Shop.  White Slim Potion Box (50) - 10x Restpoints Added new event: King Of Emperium every 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Daily. A mini version of War of Emperium. Castle owner will reset daily. Rewards: 15x Play Potion Box | 50x Cashpoints | 10x Reward ticket Added new event: Disguise Event every 1:45 AM/PM, 3:45 AM/PM, 5:45 AM/PM, 7:45 AM/PM, 9:45 AM/PM, 11:45 AM/PM. Rewards: 10x Cashpoints | 10x Reward ticket
    • Patch Notes as of January 29, 2021   General Changelogs: For 1 Week, Rates are increased to 10x/10x/5x. Reset the Ladder of Brewing, Forging, PVP, and MVP. The following players will receive 1,000 Cashpoints + 1x Elemental Shard of Choice. Top Brewer: Wuffy BRW Top Forger: Haki Top PVP: AceOfSpades Top MVP: Cancer Reset all characters skill points. Added new donation promo that will lasts until February 5, 2021. NPC Changelogs: Added 1 new Special Quest in Let's Play Quest. Costume Amistr Bag - Enable to use Lv.1 Greed Skill. Added 2 new Usables in Rest Shop. Barricade Repair Kit - 5 RP Guardian Stone Repair Kit - 5 RP
    • POWER PROMO For every 100 PHP you donate, you will receive   1x Power Scroll, 10x Reward Ticket, and  1x Play Potion Box. Normal Rate: 500 PHP = 500 Cash Points Promo Rate: 500 PHP = 500 Cash Points + 5x Power Scroll + 50x Reward Ticket + 5x Play Potion Box! Valid until February 5, 2021 Only!     Power Scroll Rewards: Normal Rewards: Play Potion Box Grape Juice Box (50) Kafra Card Insurance Megaphone Increase Agility Lv.10 Scroll Blessing Lv.10 Scroll Medium Rewards: Gympass Old Blue Box Old Purple Box Gold Rare Rewards: 7D VIP Service Box Premium Reset Stone Neuralizer Clothing Dye Coupon Ultra Rare Rewards:  Costume Red Strong Hair  Costume Evil Mask  Costume Disguise Mantle How to Donate? - https://letsplayragnarok.com/forum/index.php?/forum/23-donation-information/  
    • Patch Notes as of January 22, 2021   General Changelogs: Race To 99 Event v2 is now closed. Dual Client is now enabled. Anti-Macro and Auto-potions Module are now updated. WOE: Second Edition is now implemented. NPC Changelogs: Replaced all costumes on Donation Shop. Costume Gigantic Majestic Goat - 800 CP Costume RWC2010 Indonesia - 800 CP Costume Celestial Circle - 500 CP Costume Jitterbug Cap - 600 CP Costume Snownow Hat - 500 CP Costume Filir Wings - 300 CP Costume Magical Booster - 350 CP Costume Fluffy Heart Earmuffs - 300 CP Costume Explosion Gum - 300 CP Costume Shaving Foam - 300 CP Costume Talkative Parrot - 300 CP Fixed a Bug in Endless Tower where a separate party will get warped out when another party finishes the instance. Added 3 new headgears on Let's Play Quest NPC. Enhanced Corsair [1] Enhanced Helm of Angel [1] Enhanced Bone Helm [1] Skill Changelogs: All solo dances and songs can now be dispelled. (This does not affect ensemble dance/song.) Bowling Bash damage has been reduced by 10%. Item Changelogs: Added New Donation Accumulation Rewards for January 22 to February 22.
    • Patch Notes as of January 15, 2021   General Changelogs: Race To 99 Event v2 will start tomorrow, January 16, 2021 at exactly 9:00 PM. Accounts must be created from 8:00 PM onwards. Prize for each class: 1x Costume Eremes Scarf Black Additional 3 Items on the Freebies NPC. 1x VIP Service Box 7D 1x +4 Weapon of Choice 1x +4 Armor Set Box Mob Count on all fields/dungeons are now doubled. Vending is now enabled on Payon. NPC Changelogs: Added New Item on Endless Shop Endless Shadow Weapon - 10x Spiritual Whispers Item Changelogs: Added Bonus Stat Points on Endless Equipment Endless Shadow Weapon - STR +1 Endless Shadow Armor - VIT +1 Endless Shadow Shield - AGI +1 Endless Shadow Shoes - INT +1 Endless Shadow Earring - DEX +1 Endless Shadow Pendant - LUK +1 Combo Effect: Allstats +1, ATK +3%, MATK +3%. Spiritual Whispers is now tradable. Miracle Tonic is now tradable. All Magma Drops are now back to its original selling price.
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