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Streamers Program

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Let's show the world how proud you are as a hero of Midgard! Stream the game, gather your audience, then get rewards! Be a streamer of Let's Play Ragnarok Online and obtain awesome items you’ll never get anywhere else.



  1. No minimum followers required, but you will receive a bonus if you have at least 300 followers on Facebook.
  2. You must have a microphone to communicate with your followers.
  3. You must stream Let's Play Ragnarok for at least 2 hours a day and 4 times a week.
  4. You must interact with your fans in-game and host mini events for them.
  5. Your profile must be presentable and professional-looking.
  6. You can only advertise your channel in our Community Group once a day.
  7. You can only share your stream to Ragnarok-related groups.
  8. In streaming, you must fill these captions and hashtags in the description box.
#LetsPlayRO #ClassicRO #Ragnarok
▪ Website :: https://letsplayragnarok.com/
▪ Forums :: https://letsplayragnarok.com/forum/
▪ Facebook Page :: https://www.facebook.com/LPR2K20/
▪ Community Group :: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1650111405259180/


  1. Submit your page/profile together with your streaming schedule.
  2. Download the streamer’s kit and apply it to your stream.
  3. The team will review your application and will contact you for on-boarding should you pass the assessment.



On-boarding Rewards

As soon as your application is successful, you will receive a Streamer Application Pack that will contain the following:

  • 19294 1x Costume Cyber Cat Ear Headphones
  • 12033 5x Play Potion Box
  • 13515 5x Grape Juice Box
  • 12476 1x VIP System 7D (Only if you have at least 300 Followers.)
  • 300x Cashpoints (Only if you have at least 300 Followers.)


Streaming Rewards

Each time your stream ended, you may contact any GM to get the following rewards:

  • Stream Hour * 23277.png 1x Streamer Box (contains the following:)
    • 501 150x Play Potion
    • 533 75x Grape Juice
    • 12221 3x Megaphone
    • 12209 2x Life Insurance
    • 12211 2x Kafra Card
  • Stream Hour * 22721 2x Streamer Giveaway (contains the following:)
    • 501 50x Play Potion
    • 533 25x Grape Juice
    • 12209 1x Life Insurance
    • 12211 1x Kafra Card
    • 17209 1x Streamer Scroll

Example: You have streamed the game for 4 hours. You will be receiving 23277.png 4x Streamer Box and 22721 8x Streamer Giveaway.


1,500 Weekly Views

If you reach a total of 1,500 views for the week, you’ll receive the following:

  • 12033 5x Play Potion Box
  • 13515 3x Grape Juice Box
  • 17209 3x Streamer Scroll
  • 12209 3x Life Insurance
  • 12211 3x Kafra Card
  • 12221 3x Megaphone
  • 12476 1x VIP System 7D
  • 644 1x Gift box
  • 200x Cashpoints


3,000 Weekly Views

If you reach a total of 3,000 views for the week, you’ll receive the following:

  • 12033 10x Play Potion Box
  • 13515 5x Grape Juice Box
  • 17209 5x Streamer Scroll
  • 12209 5x Life Insurance
  • 12211 5x Kafra Card
  • 12221 5x Megaphone
  • 12407 1x VIP System 15D
  • 603 1x Old Blue Box
  • 500x Cashpoints


5,000 Weekly Views

If you reach a total of 5,000 views for the week, you’ll receive the following:

  • 12033 15x Play Potion Box
  • 13515 10x Grape Juice Box
  • 17209 10x Streamer Scroll
  • 12209 10x Life Insurance
  • 12211 10x Kafra Card
  • 12221 10x Megaphone
  • 12413 1x VIP System 30D
  • 617.png 1x Old Purple Box
  • 1,000x Cashpoints

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