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GM LetsPlay

January 29, 2021 Changelogs

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Patch Notes as of January 29, 2021


General Changelogs:

  1. For 1 Week, Rates are increased to 10x/10x/5x.
  2. Reset the Ladder of Brewing, Forging, PVP, and MVP.
    • The following players will receive 1,000 Cashpoints + 1x Elemental Shard of Choice.
      • Top Brewer: Wuffy BRW
      • Top Forger: Haki
      • Top PVP: AceOfSpades
      • Top MVP: Cancer
  3. Reset all characters skill points.
  4. Added new donation promo that will lasts until February 5, 2021.

NPC Changelogs:

  1. Added 1 new Special Quest in Let's Play Quest.
    • Costume Amistr Bag - Enable to use Lv.1 Greed Skill.
  2. Added 2 new Usables in Rest Shop.
    • Barricade Repair Kit - 5 RP
    • Guardian Stone Repair Kit - 5 RP

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